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We know you have many options for a roofing company.


Why not choose the one that offers a  personalized service, customer focus, and a no hassle approach?


With our budget friendly options, we feel confident we can make your roof buying process as stress-free as possible!



Water can cause erosion which can lead to foundation issues and basement flooding.


Let us make sure your gutters are working efficiently for your home with our seamless gutter and leaf guard system.



Unexpected repairs can be a pain!


At Eave 2 Peak, we desire to ease your burden in a prompt manner when your home is at it's most vulnerable. 


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  • Come when we say we will
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  • Book a week out from quote acceptance
  • Project completed in a day
  • Call and you will get a real business owner to speak to
  • Come to you for a custom quote
  • Deal with insurance companies

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What Our Clients Say:

My wife and I needed some roof work done recently. I reached out to Jor-el Koenig and Eave 2 Peak for some help.

Within no time (and I mean no time), not only was he out to look at it, but they had it repaired! If you need help, make sure you reach out for fast and professional work from a company that cares. ~ Vernon

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