Let's Go Walkabout Together!

Why Walkabout? Who is Karen?

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In my home country of Australia, it is common for indigenous people to go walkabout, which is a journey for an indefinite amount of time.


Growing up in the outback and amongst these people, meant life was full of adventure. So starting a new business was like another BIG adventure.


I pulled up my bootstraps and got to work …..I would learn it all, do it all and enjoy the ride!

However, I was holding onto my piggy bank so tight that I didn’t realise I was choking the business and depleting myself until my “outback bed” gathered dust in our basement.


I thought I was saving money by doing it all, but in the end...it cost me everything.


It was over.


In my head, I knew it was time to let go, but my heart struggled to release that dream to focus on a new passion that had emerged during the process.


A new walkabout - a new path to discovery, to possibility, to a new me and a new business.


Somewhere in my journey of grieving and growth, as I let go of the past to embrace the future, I discovered that I actually loved online marketing.


Helping entrepreneurs build their online presence reawakened something in me, a genius from my past of helping others create something beautiful from the gifts within.


I created Walkabout Digital to help fellow entrepreneurs like you keep moving forward and give wings to your dreams.


I don’t want what happened to me, to happen to you, a dream buried in the basement).


I would love to help you stay in your own zone of genius …… where only you can transform lives with your gifts and talents.


So let us embark on your own walkabout, so you can enjoy the adventure of your business.

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Let's start your walkabout together! xx Karen

Will your future self thank you for the choice you make today?

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