Business owners and companies who need leads  (AAAhhh!!! That would be all of us!)

Get Your Fully Automated Lead Funnel Built In A Day

Get Your System Built to

Capture qualified leads 

What if you could get your lead system up and running in a single day ... and start attracting the right people into your journey?

The LEADS LAUNCH Package is a refined and systemized process to help busy business owners get their Lead System built quickly and efficiently to start the important proces of nuturing qualified leads to paying clients and raving fans.

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Generate Leads

With a Quality Lead System

Make Offers 

Which Solve Problems

Business Growth

Serve More People, Reap Rewards

It all starts with LEADS!

What are the benefits of building your "list"?

It Means ....

They heard you in the noise

You captured their attention

They said "YES!" (too the first date)

And now you have the opportunity to build a relationshipto show them you are trustworthy

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Get your lead system launched faster with a VIP Day

What it includes:


Pre VIP Day Strategy Session

Create a detailed map for your customer journey. The steps that give greater clarity & confidence for the adventure ahead.


VIP Day To Build And Create

"Unload" the weight of the design, copy and tech so you can focus on building your business and launch faster.


Impact Sooner

Start transforming lives in the way only you can.  Serve your people so they can move toward their own impact.

In case you are wondering ...

Our VIP Services Are:

Customized, Focused and Efficient


"Blaze Your Trail" Marketing Intensive to clearly map your customer journey

so you know exactly where you are going and what you need




Get your funnel or website launched quickly (in a day or up to a week for larger projects)

while you focus on revenue generating tasks which move your business forward.

—  Strategy • Copy • Content • Design • Build • Implement  —

The unchartered wandering and pieced together systems aren't working.

Am I right?!

It's frustrating! Your progress is hindered because of the energy drain of doing things you don't enjoy or know enough about.

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Your online business adventure has begun ...

You have BIG DREAMS of the impact you'd like to make

You even have ideas on how to reach your goal!

But you are struggling to get there because ... you cannot find the BEST (OR FASTEST) ROUTE.

The path forward may be covered in weeds.

The tech wilderness is feeling overwhelming.

The next step to take is a little rocky.


It's OK! We're here to take you by the hand!

Get clear on

  • who you REALLY want to help
  • what your true message is
  • the exact problem you need to solve
  • the offer your ideal clients are looking for
  • the tools you need to use
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Binge learning in areas you don't NEED for your EXPERTISE

wastes valuable time, (NOTE: lost time means lost money),


Have you experienced this? Just when you think you have something covered,

there's ANOTHER NEW THING TO LEARN, right around the corner!

Don't get STUCK in the MUD!

You know what you could achieve!

If you weren't bogged down!

Believe Me!

You are Not The Only One!

I wasted too many years trying to DIY & make it work on my own.

Now I see talented, ambitious entrepreneurs doing the same, ALL THE TIME!

It's NOT worth it!


What's holding you back from taking great strides?

Let's Flip This!


  • What to offer
  • Who to speak to
  • What to say
  • How to get them there
  • What you need

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To This!

CERTAIN about:

  • What to offer
  • Who to
  • What to say
  • How to get them there
  • What you need

Let's Clear This!


  • Where to start
  • What to use
  • Who to hire
  • Which direction
  • All there is to do
  • What's possible

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To Experience ...

CLARITY about:

  • The next step
  • The tools you need
  • Trustworthy hires
  • The path to take
  • What's important
  • Expectations

Let's Change This!


  • Your own ability
  • Your message
  • Your offer
  • The tech
  • Hiring help
  • Potential clients

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To Winning!


  • Being enough for the task
  • What you are going to say
  • Testing your offer
  • Unloading the tech
  • Hiring possibilities
  • Who your ideal client is
  • What support you need

Hi, I'm Karen Trezona

                 Founder of Walkabout Digital Designs.

A walkabout is a journey for an indefinite amount of time .... truly the life of an entrepreneur.


After "choking" my previous business trying to DO IT ALL,

my "walkabout" took me on a new path to help mission-minded businesses (coaches, consultants, leaders, visionaries) take their important messages to the world so that they can begin making their vision a reality by transforming lives.


Through my own business building adventure, (even though I got lost in the weeds for a while), I discovered a love for helping other business owners launch their dream.


My teaching, planning and collaborating background stepped into gear, helping me see the possibilities and pathways for helping others reach their goals.


No matter what our experience or expertise, seeing our own path clearly is challenging, even for the most seasoned entrepreneurs.


I love helping people cut through the clutter,  create a clear path and build your online presence.


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With a BIG PICTURE Vision in Mind,

you just want to "GET IT DONE"!

But you want it done well by someone who cares about your business.

I've invested heavily to serve my clients well!

Everyday, I'm learning, networking and connecting with the best and most ethical online marketers in the world.

 I keep up with changes and continue to grow!

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FireShot Capture 511 - Access - Funnel Prospector Masterclass -
FireShot Capture 508 - CF Ninja Hacks Membership Access -

Here are some of the high level trainings I've done with industry experts (and there are more)!


Help! Where do I even start?

"Blaze Your Trail" with a VIP Strategy Day to Map Out Your Path & Customer Journey

I NEED LEADS (Like Yesterday)!

"Lead 'Em Right In" with a Fully Automated Lead Funnel Built in a Day

take Me on "The Full Adventure"!

A Foundational Online Presence: Website, Opt-in, Blog and Course Area Created in a VIP Week

Let's create a clear path and build your online presence

while you do the work YOU LONG TO DO!


This is a journey you DON'T want to take ALONE.

Successful online marketing is so much more than putting an offer, website or funnel out into the world.


If it was as easy as some people promote, everyone would be living the "life they desire". Do you agree?


There are so many crucial aspects to online success.


As my clients all say ....

"There is soooo much more to this than I ever imagined!"

Generally, we do not know what we do not know until we are well and truly on the journey, (growing debt, getting frustrated and wondering if we'll make it)!


After being on this crazy adventure myself, my goal is to ensure you have clarity and confidence to move forward successfully and launch your online presence in a way that

Saves Time

Saves Money

Saves Sanity

and takes your message to the world!

Karen is an absolute joy to work with.

I love how she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get their story out into the world in a way that is authentic to them and that really reveals their heart. Anyone can build your online presence, but Karen really adds that important element of personality to her projects that can really help others hear the message you want to share.  Becky J. Webb



Copy of Offer Shots (4)


Your Online Journey Mapped In A Day!

Blaze Your Trail

The Blaze Your Trail Marketing Intensive takes you on a guided journey of unlocking your offers to create astrategic plan. Ready to clarify your path and map out the marketing steps to make your dream a reality


Copy of Offer Shots


A Full Lead Funnel Built In A Day!

Fast Lead Launch

For a Fast Lead Launch, get your lead magnet system up and running within a day to start gathering leads. From opt in funnel to email delivery of a completed PDF and follow up. No more "round to its"! Done and working.


Copy of Offer Shots (5)

VIP Week

A Customized Web Presence Built In A Week!

Full Package Week

Your Online Home Base is an important representation of you and your brand. People are skeptical, (and rightly so). Are you trustworthy before they take the plunge? Let's present them with a site you're proud of, that's uniquely you.

Website- Blog- Lead Funnel- Course Area

PLEASE NOTE: To achieve FAST ACTION Launches, it's important to commit to gathering the information you will need to do before the VIP opportunity starts. If you have not done an intensive, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this is where you start.

If you do not already have a proper marketing strategy laid out, our tailored solutions require a thorough planning session, called an Intensive, to lay a solid foundation and a clear map for the adventure you are about to embark on.

What Can You Expect With VIP Opportunities?

  • Your project will receive my full attention (for a day or multiple days depending on the project size). I will be focused on getting the chosen project complete and launched fast.


  • We start with a consult call to make sure we know your goals, needs and desires and set expectations.


  • A date is set for the intensive which will provide you with clear instructions on all you need to start gathering.


  • Once your day arrives (and you have provided all requirements) .... the day (or week) is TOTALLY yours to see your project complete.

Not Sure Which Is The Best Solution For You?

Or Perhaps You Have A Different Request.

Book a free consult call and we'll discuss your needs.

Just feeling overwhelmed with all your ideas? Let's get you UNSTUCK!

Step into being authenitically you, own your brand, and know your path with clarity. This will give you the confidence to overcome the obstacles on this online journey (and be among the ones who MAKE IT!) 

Meet visionary people creating extraordinary impact by bravely stepping into their purpose while we help them take their message online.

I've had the privilege to WALK WITH these

Heart-Centered ADVENTURERS

They are taking others on their journey, sharing what their "WALK IS ABOUT"

Monica - Empower Your Impact:

Opening Doors to Confidence, Communication, Contribution

I work with Women Entrepreneurs who are limited by internal Fear to become Deep Social Connectors, Speakers of Influence & BECOME THE LEADERS they are meant to be by giving them the edge in any conversation through body language and social intelligence training resulting in unshakable confidence and results!

This is my calling and WHY because this has been my journey... I know the pain of silence when wanting to speak up.  I believe there are many silent leaders out there and I want to see more women in positions of power and authority.  Resulting in balancing, shifting and changing existing systems and old ways to meet modern social demands for all.


At PEAK-Topia we believe that building relationships is the foundation to building a strong body and mind.

We love helping our people achieve peaks in their health with a more hands-on approach. We also believe experts in nutrition, and physical therapy help complete our holistic approach.

Most important and most dear to out hearts is that we SPOT you for those heavy moments in life - in and outside of the gym.

Brad - SwagBox:

Get Noticed. Stay Remembered

We have found that there have been an epidemic of companies who are failing at interacting and effectively communicating with their people through 3D tangible merchandise.

Our mission is to present companies in the best light, though meaningful interactions that elevate their brand and enhance the experience of their prospects, customers, and employees.

Creating meaningful and memorable moments through custom swag.

Nelson - CAfED:

Showcasing the Works of Ethnically Diverse Artists.

Our mission is to promote ethnic diversity in the fields of art and education.

CAfED offers artists from traditionally marginalized backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work while inspiring young creatives to explore art as an expression of their own identities.

Sandra - ReflectEd Consulting:

Reflect, Reveal, Realize

Partnering with educational leaders to achieve equitable, high-performing school communities.

At ReflectEd we believe that at the heart of continuous improvement are reflection and discourse. If leaders and their teams thoughtfully engage in these processes, then better understanding of problems emerge and innovative solutions and success follow.

Becky J. Webb:

Helping Moms take back the life they were created to have.

Life can seem so off balance.

But, here's the thing, you just weren't meant for balance.

You were meant to thrive in health, mind, soul and purpose.

Take the first step to finding your voice.

With VIP Days, 1:1 Spots Are Limited So Take The First Step Soon.

if this is you

Tired of beating around the bush to build your online presence? 

How can I help you move forward faster?

Get actionable, momentum-building possibilities perfectly paired with your current stage of business growth.


Building Your Online Business is just like going on a WALKABOUT!

In traditional Australian culture, a walkabout is a journey for an indefinite amount of time, even an adventure.


The digital journey (adventure) is both exciting and treacherous. There are ups and downs and it's not easy to do alone.


My desire is to help business owners like you, keep building their business without getting buried in the online marketing wilderness, trying to learn and do it all.

I'd love to go "walkabout with you".

Need a guided process of strategic planning  to turn your dream into a reality.




Grab one of our lead magnets to get started on your journey.

outback road

Pull your ideal people out of the Social Media stream and into your world with valuable help.


Follow the Lead Funnel Blueprint to know what to gather and the steps to implement.



It's too easy to get lost in the tech wilderness with so many options.


We've created a list of our favourite tools to see a number of helpful resources in one place.

Website Road Map


outdoor deck

You website is where people come to check if you are legit!

Know you have the important information to confirm that for them.


This tool will be coming for you soon.

The 5 Most Important Marketing Keys To Have Nailed ...

for a smoother journey! (or to help regroup if you are lost!)

Have questions? Send an e-mail to [email protected]

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